About me

Pharmacist, wife and mother by day, crafter/creative by night and on precious days off. I’m an art-lover, good-design-seeker, museum enthusiast, maker and muse-follower for as long as I can remember, but at least since early adolescence.

I come from a long line of makers and creatives: my mother, grandmothers and great-grandmothers

have done just about everything: embroidery, crewel work, macrame, bead-work, cross-stitching, quilting, crochet, knitting, garment-making, sewing home goods and even painting. My grandfathers were creatives too: one was a glass-blower by trade and woodworker in his free time (and later painted,) the other was a machinist by trade but worked in leather for enjoyment.

I love it all, and have done more than my fair-share of crafting in a variety of disciplines, but there is something about the precision and multi-step process of quilting that really resonates with and captivates me.

I tend to be practical and thrifty, using what’s on-hand or what I’ve found in second-hand shops and thrift stores when I can. But I’m not averse to spending a pretty penny on fabric that gives me joy or a tool that just makes “making” easier or better. I think both challenge my creativity.

In the end, I love making things that are both useful AND beautiful. If it’s only one of those things, what’s the point of making it?

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