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Eldest Daughter’s Grad Quilt

Where I’m from, we have a tradition of giving high school graduates a gift to mark the passage into another level of adulthood. My husband and I struggled over what gift would be best. A nice watch or pen is traditional, but not very practical. After much debate, we finally just asked her.

To our surprise, she asked for a quilt made by me (awww!). What a wonderful gift she gave me when she asked!

So then I had the enormous task of choosing a pattern, selecting fabrics and all the things that go into making a quilt for that special person. Isn’t that what quilting is about, though? So here are my WIPs (works in progress for those who are new to all the quilting lingo.

I chose the Scrappy Triangle quilt pattern, from Penelope Handmade‘s Heritage Quilt Collection. I have to own up to a slight (not so slight) social media crush here. Love, love, love her quilt patterns!

Here is the progress I’ve made so far:

You might notice the frog pattern in the green batik fabric. After scouring my thrift stores and local fabric stores, I just couldn’t find the right match. I wanted something low-volume as a contrast against the darker green. So… I made my first fabric design.

The eldest loves frogs, so I went with a design based on frog emojis.

I’ll be posting a video soon about this whole process, so if you are more of a visual learner, look out for the update.